Frequent Asked Question

  1. What are the compatible devices?
    iOS → ver. 10.0 or later
    Android → ver. 6.0 or later
    Terra Map product works only on iOS & Android devices: it is not available for laptops.

  2. What can I do with the free version of the app?
    With the free application you can use all the basic features of Terra Map, with some limitation:
    • you can store simultaneously only 3 Markers, 3 Routes and 3 Tracks. To store one more of these objects you have first to remove one of the existings.

    • you can download 3 map tiles at a time. Remove the current downloaded tiles to download a new one.

  3. Can I share my position in real time?
    Terra Map gives the possibility to share your saved tracks, routes and markers, but it is not possible to share your movements in real time.

  4. What is the GEC Account?
    The GEC Account allows you to share your Terra Map purchases with multiple devices (up to 5 simultaneously Android and Apple) and archive/share your Routes, Tracks, Markers…more about the GEC Account

  5. GEC Account – How to enable inApp purchases in another device?
    App Store & Google Play are totally separate and there are no ways to share purchases from one to the other.
    To enable purchases also on different device we have created a mechanism based on our server.
    • Create your GEC Account on our website. Keep attention that after registering the first time you will receive an email from the server and you have to confirm the registration clicking on the link on the received email before proceeding.

    • Connect from where you made the inApp purchase (from the app settings menu → item GEC Account Login). In this way the purchase is recorded to the user.

    • Then, reconnecting in the same way from another device with the same GEC Account, the app enables the purchases associated with the user.

  6. How to share User Data (tracks, routes/tours, markers) in/from Gec Account? (Apple, Android)
    To export the data in the GEC Account:
    • Tap on the top right “search” button in the map view and go to the UserData view

    • Select the Edit button

    • Select the object you want to export and then press the sharing button


    • Choose the format for exporting data (GPX, KMZ) and the select GEC Account in the list: the data will be saved in a file on your GEC Account.

    To import the data from the GEC Account:
    • Settings menu → Gec Account

    • Select the object you want to import

    • Select the upper left “download” button

      Download GEC

  7. I would like to restore my previous maps. I had to reload the app and I lost them
    Launch the app and go to the Settings menu → Tap on “Restore purchases”. In this way the app checks the purchases done by the running profile enabling them on your device.
    When doing this you must be connected with the same AppleID or GooglePlayID user used for purchasing the product on App Store and Google Play respectively.

  8. How to navigate a tour?
    Once you have a tour press “activate tour” button in route information page.


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