The main issue moving from paper to electronic charts, it's well known, is represented by the small screen size. Unavoidably we have to sacrify the detail vs the overview and viceversa.
In the past, you had 2 or 3 different scale paper maps placed on the table for the same area and your eye was able to pass very quickly from one to the other without losing the focus.
Today all mapping applications implemented a variety of tools (pan, zoom, split-screen, etc.) to increase the electronic chart's usability and readibility, trying to reduce the impact of the above issue.
All the solutions implemented so far helped a lot but: sacrifing the detail vs the overview and creating partial, discontinuous and distorted views along the change scale border.

mapXpan is a patented system to fix it once for all.

mapXpan shows simultaneously maps at different scales integrated to mantain the focus at the higher level of detail, ensuring seamless in the object display, including a full overview and a visualization at glance similar to the traditional paper maps.
It is composed by a portion (usually central) of the screen in plan view at the preferred zoom level and a number of concentric sloped frames with decreasing scale towards the screen border.

mapXpan extends your horizons.

mapXpan increases your electronic chart display coverage 64 times, without losing the detail on the focus area. From now on you will be able to navigate your route at a very detailed zoom level, still viewing most of the following waypoints. No need to zoom out and pan to understand where you are and where you have to go next. One single view will display all you need for a safe planned navigation. The overview integrated with the detailed view will provide you back the feeling of navigating under control.

mapXpan is fast pan.

mapXpan inherently generated a very fast pan capability. The fastest way to move from one place to another on the map display with just a finger touch.
Double tap on any place on the mapXpan map and it will be automatically centered on the higher detail view part. Swipe your finger on the mapXpan map and you will pan 8 times faster than on any normal map display.

mapXpan best configuration.

On your mapXpan you can chose the size and position of the detailed plan view as you like.

The AUTO position option will automatically switch, when the device is in rotation mode, from the Middle to the Bottom position of the plan view. This because in rotation mode the map will be oriented cursor up and so it is expected you will need more map ahead than behind your position.

mapXpan is an exclusive patented function of Terra Map products.

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