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Best iPhone GPS app Offline FREE Topo Map Tracks record and sharing Hiking, Biking and more


Best iPhone GPS app - Best iPad GPS app

This iPhone application, or iPad application, provides to the user an amazingly clear Topo Map using the full power of the Retina display, with intuitive realistic symbols and colors. Terra Map makes available its functionalities in a very simple and intuitive way, so that everyone can enjoy them without the need of a large experience in the Topographic maps usage. In fact most of the functions are accessible with simple gestures on the map, the rest are clearly described in the Terra Map Tutorial and Help.
All these advantages, and much more, make this app one of the best iPhone GPS application, best iPad GPS application, for hiking, biking, skiing and all outdoor's lovers.


>>Click here for a detailed Help and Symbols description<<



Offline FREE Topo Map

Whole USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand Topo Maps for FREE.

With Terra Map you will have the opportunity to use the most detailed Topo Maps from your local Geographic Office (e.g. USGS for USA or LINZ for New Zealand) or DNR (Department of Natural Resources) or most up to date OSM data (OpenStreetMap). You will have access to Topo Maps with 30ft (10m) elevation contour step, all trails (including long distance trails like the Appalachian Trail, Via Alpina, Pacific Crest Trail, etc.) , spot elevations and mountain peaks, huts, bivouacs, picnic areas, campings, springs, wildlife refuges and much more (including all Lakes, Rivers and the complete road network).

All National Parks (e.g. Yosemite, Yellowstone, Great Smokey Mountain, Olympics, Big Bend, Gran Paradiso, Snowdonia, Lakes District, Stelvio, etc...) and National Forests (e.g. Allegheney, White Mountains, Green Mountains, Mark Twain, etc...) are included.
Download on your device the Terra Map vector maps for the area of your interest and use them OFFLINE in the wild. NO INTERNET CONNECTION is needed once the map is downloaded on your device.


>>Click here for a detailed description of the FREE Topo Map coverage and content<<



Tracks record and sharing

With Terra Map you can record Tracks and Markers and store an unlimited number of them within your device (iPhone or iPad), even more, you can share them with your friends thanks to the "Terra Map Sharing System". Send your position or your favorite Markers or your last track to your friends through Facebook, Twitter, eMail, SMS, Airdrop... they will be able to see them on a PC or a Mobile device (just clicking on the KMZ shared file) or load and use them directly in their Terra Map iPhone application, or iPad application.

PLAN YOUR ITINERARY AT HOME: load in Terra Map any standard KMZ or KML file, not only those created by Terra Map itself but also generated with any common application like Google Earth.


>>Click here for a list of websites where you can find downloadable KML, KMZ and GPX tracks (for multiple activities like hiking, cycling, MTB, etc.)<<



Hiking, Biking and more

We designed this GPS application to help you having the best Hiking, Biking, Skiing or any other outdoor experience.
Using Terra Map you can:

  • Enjoy an amazingly clear Topo Map on which you can zoom, pan, pinch as you want up to an extremely detailed zoom level.
  • See your position on the map using the internal (or external) GPS.
  • Measure real distances between points on the map.
  • Record your Tracks and access its information like: average speed, total distance, ... Terra Map uses the most advanced iOS technologies to optimize the battery usage.
  • Record your Markers using the current GPS position, or tapping on the map or entering a Latitude-Longitude coordinate.
  • Display your preferred Markers and Tracks on the map.
  • Manage your Markers and Tracks: you can delete, rename, add a description, select a color.
  • Share your Tracks and Markers (see "Tracks record and sharing").
  • Set a marker as Target waypoint and monitor distance, time and bearing to it.
  • Download the map for the area you are interested in.
  • Follow the internal Tutorial that will help you understanding the key functionalities.
  • Select the land background for your Topo Map, switching among Offline, Satellite and OpenStreetMap.
  • Terra map supports 6 different languages (English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Nederlands).

With Terra Map you can focus on your favorite outdoor activity and enrich your experience.





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